Partnerships welcome

Novoic is partnering with high-impact institutions and researchers to establish a strong base of clinical evidence for our speech biomarkers.

Novoic provides open access to its vocal and linguistic analysis libraries to academic researchers, and is carrying out bleeding edge research at the intersection of neuroscience, audio analysis, linguistics, and machine learning.

Gold-standard clinical trials

A piecemeal approach which develops disease-specific and language-dependent prototypes has little value. This is why Novoic is running gold-standard clinical trials across a wide array of neurological diseases in different languages/accents.
We are ambitious to develop the world’s first universal speech test that can be used for any common neurological disease and accessible for every language group.

By now you’ll know how much we care about conversations here at Novoic.

If you want to have one with us, let us know here!
Commercial and academic partnerships welcome.

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